CinCin: Wood Fired Cucina

There were a few close calls, but no one suffered any serious burns.

I had the pleasure of spending two weeks on Robson Street with chef Andrew Richardson and photographer Kevin Clark making pictures of Wood-fired, Italian-inspired dishes for the CinCin Ristorante cookbook. 

It was all very Francis Mallmann-esque, but with fewer Argentinian root vegetables and more pasta.

For the styling, I sourced props from Speck + Stone in Hamilton, Vitreous Wares in Portland, Janaki Larsen in Vancouver, a guy offloading vintage camping plates down in Wichita, and various secondhand shops along Main Street.

We incorporated lots of wood, ash, charcoal, and whole ingredients straight from the grill.

Client: Figure 1
Author: Andrew Richardson
With contributions from Lewis Birch and Shane Taylor 
Text by Jim Tobler
Foreword by Francis Mallmann
Publication Date: October 2016