When it rains, where does the colour do? 

Emily Martin‘s sparse, poetic style of writing was perfectly paired with Mara Shaughnessy‘s high contrast, layered illustrations to create Downpour, a book that encourages young readers to learn about color and build vocabulary while stimulating their senses.

I can take very little credit for this project: the pages arrived from the illustrator filled with delicate drawings, a variety of textures, and well-considered splashes of red. I set the text in ITC Usherwood (designed by Les Usherwood and published by ITC in 1984) and placed it as sensitively as I could on each spread. The title is set in Packard, created by Steve Jackaman and Ashley Muir of Red Rooster. 

Client: Skyhorse Publishing
Author: Emily Martin
Illustrator: Mara Shaughnessy
Publication Date:
 June 2013