Portland Cooks

The project that left me drafting plans to relocate to the fine state of Oregon.

I had the privilege of joining an all-female team that included Danielle Centoni (author / James Beard Award–winning food writer / top guide for dining in PDX), Leela Cyd (photographer / Hygge expert), Anne Parker (stylist / curator of all things lovely), Jess Sullivan (Creative Director at Figure 1), Celeste Noche (assisting with all things in and outside the kitchen), with ceramics by Alexandria Cummings and Dino No.

Over the course of our four day photoshoot, we met the creative minds and culinary talent behind 40 different bars/restos. The boys from Bit House Saloon blew our minds by stirring beet powder into rum to turn it hot pink; Alice Moffatt’s “Physically Forgotten” cocktail was so good we headed directly to Shift Drinks immediately after the day was wrapped for a second; Tyler Malek brought extra pints of his Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Marionberry-Habanero Ribbons which we snacked on between takes; I found the best late night Shumai at Departure on the rooftop of the Nines Hotel; and I accidentally locked Chef Earl Ninsom out of the Airbnb we were shooting in, but he forgave me, because he’s like everyone I met in Portland — kind, unassuming, authentic, and crazy skilled at their craft — whether it be food and drink, or something else Portland-esque like aura photography or hand-crocheted jewelry.

Client: Figure 1
Author: Danielle Centoni
Publication Date: October 2017