Power Smart

How a Simple Idea Revolutionized the Way We Use Electricity.

In 1989, BC Hydro launched a program that would transform how West Coasters lived, how businesses achieved their bottom lines, and how building codes and appliance standards were written. Power Smart was one of the greatest Canadian conservation-marketing campaigns in a generation, and definitely worthy of a book to commemorate its prosperity and all the people involved.

We had an abundance of archival material to work with: amazing ads, vintage switch plate covers, and trade show displays. I took most of my design cues from the logo and visual identity the company, since these elements are vibrant and suit both the historic and modern content.

(I admittedly overdosed on Spiekermann typefaces during this project: Meta Serif paired with Unit Slab and Unit Rounded.)

Client: Figure 1
Author: BC Hydro Power Pioneers with Kerry Gold
Publication Date: December 2014