The 2015 Short Story Advent Calendar

There are better ways to start your winter mornings than with cheap, dusty chocolate.

The Short Story Advent Calendar is the first of its kind: a collection of 24 stories that readers will open, one by one, on the mornings leading up to Christmas.

These two dozen works of short “digestible” fiction come from some of your favourite writers from across North America — plus a few new crushes you haven’t met yet. 2015 contributors included: Pasha Malla (People Park), Jess Walter (Beautiful Ruins), Heather O’Neill (Lullabies for Little Criminals), Richard Van Camp (The Lesser Blessed) and Zsuzsi Gartner (Better Living Through Plastic Explosives).

The stories were carefully curated by co-publisher Michael Hingston, who you should rely on to select all your reading material from now on.

Everybody agreed it was a really cool idea, including Metro Edmonton, the Edmonton JournalCBC BooksSwerve, and CBC Radio’s Daybreak Alberta.

(Margaret Atwood even tweeted about us, too.)