Something about me

In her younger years, Natalie Olsen’s artistic nature and preoccupation with the printed word sadly precluded her from other pursuits, such as high school popularity and good hair. It did, however, lead her to art school, where she over-kerned and under-slept. She was then lured into the world of publishing, where these proclivities are put to better use.

She started a studio, called it Kisscut Design (having nothing to do with canoodling or sharp-edged tools), and has since gone on to receive her fair share of acknowledgement, by way of flattering tweets, gifted bottles of scotch, and some awards.

During the slow summer months of 2015, Natalie started a publishing company with her favourite writer, as a means of finding out just how far an untested idea could be taken. The inaugural Hingston & Olsen project, The Short Story Advent Calendar, is a limited edition box set of chapbooks for readers to open and enjoy on the days leading up to Christmas.

 Authors on their covers:

“I couldnave done better myself with a handful of acid caps.”
MAURICE YACOWAR  author of Roy & Me

“It’s like you pulled the cover straight from my vision board — and I don’t show that to anyone but my cat.”
MICHAEL HINGSTON  author of The Dilettantes

“Beautiful. I just want to make out with it.”
— R.W. GRAY  author of Crisp

Portrait by @shesaidyeah_
Poster by p98a in Berlin
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