Zeus and the Giant Iced Tea

A Voltron of poetics.

I made a robot out of words, with a Zeus-like beard and a Mexican-like mustache, floating in a glass of iced tea for Leopold McGinnis. (He saw my sketch and made the mistake of encouraging me to continue.)

From the book’s introduction:
“…when assembled together, [the poems] form a sort of Voltron of poetics — their collective grouping bringing something new to the poems themselves, adding layers of meaning and excellent other powers that I couldn’t take credit for creating. Shouldn’t any good collection raise the individual pieces within to higher levels, open up a new horizon of understanding above and beyond the parts? What good is a giant robot if you can’t combine that giant robot with 6 other giant robots to create a super giant robot?”

The book was set in Officina, designed by Erik Spiekermann and issued in 1990 through ITC. The other typeface is Refrigerator which was inspired by kitchen appliance labels. (Plus a wingding or two.) Apparently, it’s a babe magnet.

Client: AU Press
Author: Leopold McGinnis
Publication Date: February 2011